Due to Commercial Interests…

When Walt Disney met Wernher von Braun.

An image to depict the moment when the entertainment industry met the war machine to conform the so called military&entertainment complex. And that to a certain state includes all that ‘merde’ that Hollywood has produced and that has been used to feed and media colonize the planet (No conspirational theory here). TODAY (2013), the US of ‘Merica has declared cause of, what else?, purely commercial interests of course. That:

“Satellites are no longer weapons, according to a change in US anti-arms trafficking law. The move gives hope to commercial spaceflight companies wanting to sell their technology on the global market rather than just within the US. However, the focus on Earth-orbiting craft means deep-space missions could still be hampered by onerous security laws.”

Draw your conclusions… and stick to the #MSST (Movimiento de los Sin Satelite)



Just because you are paranoid…

Taller de escucha y localizacion de satélites.
Workshop on Satellite Spotting and listening.
dock18 – rote fabrik – zurich october 1st 2010:

And here the slides:

US Military Satellite Pointing Guide


United States military interactive PDF Satalite Pointing Guide. Developed for the U.S Army by ITAC. This sophisticated interactive guide displays footprints and other data for for UHF Milstar INMARSAT & DCSD Satellite clusters.

Via wikileaks: http://wikileaks.fi/wiki/US_Military_Satellite_Pointing_Guide