The Bogota Declaration is an unratified UN declaration about sovreignty of the geostationary orbit, which is the ring of satellites that orbit at 36 000 km above the equator. At the time it was first written, no equatorial countries had satellites and most of the slots were taken by the dominant nations, highlighting inequalities in technology. The Bogota Declaration is about this and talks about the benefits satellite technology could bring to equatorial countries. It has a strong, poetic voice we were also taken by.

A small fragment of the original declaration:

The undersigned representatives of the States traversed by the Equator met in Bogota, Republic of Colombia, with the purpose of studying the geostationary orbit that corresponds to their national terrestrial, sea, and insular territory and considered as a natural resource. After an exchange of information and having studied in detail the different technical, legal, and political aspects implied in the exercise of national sovereignty of States adjacent to the said orbit.”

Read the 1976 declaration here:
La Declaración de Bogotá de 1976
and if you have any thoughs or ideas on how it could be revisited today please let us know.

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