@Noseland | @desert.numerique | 2012


NOSELAND: Idoneous place from where to reclaim the geostationary orbit. A short audition, a satellite pass, a talk about the Bogotá Declaration or any other forgotten love letter.

DESERT.NUMERIQUE: Held outside (in-between nature and the city) under the sky. The performance will the transition time, at dusk. (Or sunrise). With our setup we will try to catch several electromagnetic phenomena: Satellite signals and other radio-electric reflections bouncing off the ionosphere. Electromagnetic waves to be demodulated and transformed in sounds. Life feed on a digital to analog sound rig.

We search for the event in near and far electromagnetic fields, also inside the demodulated signal. The hidden sound phenomenons distributed on a speaker setup consisting of audio speaks and fm transmitters an fm-radios. by physically carrying around the speakers and fm-radios and building up different types of antennas and aligning them, we try to explore a local in-between space distributed by sound.

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