Tiangong-1 space station is expected to descent to Earth by the end of 2017

Regalos del cielo (Made in China)


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Due to Commercial Interests…

When Walt Disney met Wernher von Braun.

An image to depict the moment when the entertainment industry met the war machine to conform the so called military&entertainment complex. And that to a certain state includes all that ‘merde’ that Hollywood has produced and that has been used to feed and media colonize the planet (No conspirational theory here). TODAY (2013), the US of ‘Merica has declared cause of, what else?, purely commercial interests of course. That:

“Satellites are no longer weapons, according to a change in US anti-arms trafficking law. The move gives hope to commercial spaceflight companies wanting to sell their technology on the global market rather than just within the US. However, the focus on Earth-orbiting craft means deep-space missions could still be hampered by onerous security laws.”

Draw your conclusions… and stick to the #MSST (Movimiento de los Sin Satelite)


@Noseland | @desert.numerique | 2012


NOSELAND: Idoneous place from where to reclaim the geostationary orbit. A short audition, a satellite pass, a talk about the Bogotá Declaration or any other forgotten love letter.

DESERT.NUMERIQUE: Held outside (in-between nature and the city) under the sky. The performance will the transition time, at dusk. (Or sunrise). With our setup we will try to catch several electromagnetic phenomena: Satellite signals and other radio-electric reflections bouncing off the ionosphere. Electromagnetic waves to be demodulated and transformed in sounds. Life feed on a digital to analog sound rig.

We search for the event in near and far electromagnetic fields, also inside the demodulated signal. The hidden sound phenomenons distributed on a speaker setup consisting of audio speaks and fm transmitters an fm-radios. by physically carrying around the speakers and fm-radios and building up different types of antennas and aligning them, we try to explore a local in-between space distributed by sound.

Manual Orbitando Satelites [OS] 2011

Recuento del Taller & exhibición Orbitando Satelites [OS]. Realizado en plataforma0 – LABoral (Gijon). 60 paginas que reunen muchas de nuestras ideas alrededor del tema de los satelites.

This last weekend we had the chance to present the Manual of Orbitando Satelites [OS]. We handed copies to friends and people participating on the Santa Monica synergy meeting. But we made it also to zzzinc. Fuimos tambien a un lugar llamado zzzinc, donde esta semana realizaron la reunion de desarrolladores con OpenFrameworks (oF): http://zzzinc.net/2011/3er-encuentro-de-desarrolladores-openframeworks/

Text by text and one by one, we shared and disscused the so many views and perspectives our manual collects; a very lively presentation by Laura, Reni, Cristina, Nuria, Lucia, Fabi, Pedro y la banda trapera del rio que nos lleno de energia la noche anterior. It’s difficult to wrap all what happened this weekend in Barcelona that included a few tries to get the voices over the sats from overseas.

Aca su payload/contenido:
Orbitando satélites (About this manual)
Cartografiando / The Cartographer
Sábado 19:00hs.
Astrologia artificial: geoestacionários
Astrologia artificial: o arabsat-5a e as revoltas árabes
Manifesto del Movimiento de los Sin Satélite #MSST
La Declaración de Bogota (1976-today-hoy)
Gpredict>OSC>din>pd (the OpenSoundControl patch)
Software Defined Radio: Gnuradio+FUNcube dongle
El Arte de las Aéreas
Construccion de un satelite
Sgaan Materia Obscura
Spatial aesthetics
Radio Magic(rev.02)
Rarae Aves (act.1)
Exposición Orbitando satélites

Here is a 6 megas file that you could download and share. Descarguelo aqui/get it from here: https://bogotadeclaration.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/os_manual_lowres.pdf

We should now collect the addresses of people who participated on this little manual so to send them copies.

“whatch your head!”

Look out below! A defunct satellite is falling back to Earth and is expected to reenter the atmosphere.

After UARS, come ROSAT, now is time for Phobos !

*”November 11 developments*

All efforts to contact Phobos-Grunt proved futile and the attention of the
press was quickly switching to the inevitable uncontrolled reentry of the
spacecraft into the Earth atmosphere, expected sometimes from the end of
November to the middle of December. NORAD reportedly projected the reentry
of the spacecraft on November 26.

According to known technical specifications of the Phobos-Grunt
mission, the 13-ton vehicle contains more than 10 tons of toxic propellants –
unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine (fuel) and nitrogen tetroxide (oxidizer).
Although most of the fuel and oxidizer would burn during the initial phase
of reentry, the size and mass of the spacecraft practically guarantees that
surviving metal debris would reach the Earth surface. In addition, a
capsule for soil samples designed to survive a hard landing would be
reentering alongside the spacecraft. Due to its insulated design, the
capsule would likely be torn off from the rest of the vehicle early into
the reentry and its impact would likely take place away from the rest of
the debris along the reentry path. The crash could take place anywhere from
51.4 degrees North latitude to 51.4 degrees South latitude.”

source: http://www.russianspaceweb.com/phobos_grunt_launch.html#11_11

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